This survey is required within three (3) months of finishing or withdrawing from your funded training and is your legal obligation.

This information is provided to the Department of Education and Training to provide ongoing feedback on the results of this particular funding.

You have recently completed or withdrawn from the qualification or course, which is referring to as “your training”.

How To Complete Your Survey

You can fill out the online survey below which will automatically be sent to us.

Alternatively, you can click here to download the PDF form which you can print and email or post to us.


    First Name (as on your enrollment form):

    Surname (as on your enrollment form):

    Cert III in Aged CareCert III in DisabilityCert III in Home & CommunityCert III in Individual Support

    1. Which best describes your motivation for undertaking your training?
    1a. To help me find a job.1b. To support my current career and improve me chances for promotion.1c. To help me change careers.1d. General interest.

    2. Which best describes your assessment of the quality of your training?
    2a. Very satisfied with the overall quality of the training.2b. Satisfied with the overall quality of the training.2c. Dissatisfied with the overall quality of the training.2d. Very dissatisfied with the overall quality of the training.

    3. Did you complete your training?

    If no, please identify the main reason for non-completion:
    3a. Change in interests / personal circumstances.3b. Unable to meet requirements of the qualification / course.3c. Found the training experience to be unsuitable.

    4. Which best describes the impact of your training on your current employment status?
    4a. Not employed before training, employed after training.4b. Not employed before training, not employed after training.4c. Underemployed / employed before training, improved job outcome after training.4d. Underemployed / employed before training, no improvement in job outcome after training.4e. Enrolled in or currently undertaking study with a university.4f. Employed in an apprenticeship / traineeship.